At some point in time, what conceivably started as a technique to preserve fish in the Mekong Valley of Southeast Asia, the sushi travelled to Japan and throughout the era of its existence reached high levels of evolution that today it’s basically a work of art.

In the American documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Ono Jiro says, “The most important part of making good sushi is this: creating a union between the rice and the fish. If they are not in complete harmony, the sushi won’t taste good.” And he couldn’t have been more exact.

A well known element in Japanese food the world over, the advanced sushi infrequently resembles its unique self today. Cook Kamlesh Joshi of EDO, ITC Gardenia Bengaluru has been working with Japanese nourishment for over 10 years, and says that when he started his vocation in New Delhi, it was the one food that amazed him hugely. “I couldn’t imagine people were eating raw fish,” he says.

For a beginner, the art of eating sushi can be a considerable undertaking. In any case, the traps are genuinely straightforward on the off chance that you don’t give its entire introduction a chance to get to you. Sushi is regularly presented with three fixings as an afterthought – soy sauce, a dab of wasabi (a dry green glue), and gari (cured ginger). Strangely, it’s difficult to source genuine wasabi, which is really a plant, outside of Japan. Most eateries supplant it with horseradish, which has the comparable sharpness of the wasabi plant, mustard, starch, and the green sustenance shading obviously. Genuine wasabi is far more sharp than we are utilized to.

Generally, sushi is eaten with hands, and this is additionally why you should wash your hands previously you begin. On account of a nigiri, you have to turn the sushi around (rice up, angle down), gently plunge it into the soy ensuring that you don’t dunk the entire thing in, and eat it. For comfort what you can likewise do is blend the wasabi in the soy and afterward plunge the sushi into it. Normally, gourmet experts spread a smidgen of wasabi between the fish and the rice; the additional piece is given in the event that you need more.

Nori is one of the essential fixings that is utilized while getting ready sushi as it goes about as a wrapper to hold certain kinds of sushi together. It is a sort of palatable ocean growth, and ordinarily accessible as paper-thin green sheets in the markets.


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